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Arnica - The Healing Plant

Arnica - The Healing Plant

Amazing Results, Amazing REVIEWS

As a PRO Snowboarder bruises come often and they come quick, i have been using this stuff for about 4 years now and it works great

Alex Targaren - Toronto CANADA

The Vanilla smells great and my daughter loves it, she occasionally has bruises from playing outdoors, but bruise remove helps with that and they are gone within a day or so

Mariah F - Sydney AUSTRALIA

Easily the best bruise cream you could buy, i have used bruise remove for like 2 years now and it really helps!

Arni Cholero - Perth AUSTRALIA

I always keep some incase my husband gets hurt, as he is a carpenter and always comes back with a bruise or two...or three!

Margaret T - Texas USA

Bruise Remove is the best STUFF for bruises PERIOD i used this and within a day my big leg bruise was completely gone

Chelsea Jamil - Lake Taupo NEW ZEALAND

Cheap easy to use and smells great!, removed my bruises quick after a rollerblading incident

Connie Greegas - Miami USA

Really helped with a rather big bruise i had on my cheek and neck after falling of my bike during a long cycle, highly recommended!

Daniel Salari - Sydney AUSTRALIA

I recommend you keep some stored away incase someone gets hurt, its always great to have on hand.

Muriel Traye - Newcastle AUSTRALIA

Shipping was really quick and the peppermint smelled amazing, hard to believe it had arnica in it due to how aromatic it was haha!!

Teneel Johnson - Ontario CANADA